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In the early 1978 of the Republic of China, Zhan Cheng was produced as an industrial company, and in the 1985 of the Republic of Taiwan, "Zhan Cheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd." was officially established. At the beginning, it was mainly engaged in the development, design and production of professional fixtures. It has good construction methods and technologies. ; By 1990, it turned to milling machine equipment and engaged in milling machine processing.

The current self-owned equipment includes CNC milling machines, milling machines, electrical discharge processing machines; testing instruments include two-dimensional image measuring instruments, three-dimensional coordinate measuring instruments, digital projectors and other precision measuring equipment.

The company is mainly divided into production management department, manufacturing department and quality control department. The main processed metal materials are aluminum alloy, iron, magnesium alloy and other materials, and can process customer products into finished products. The main items produced are light weapons, automobile electric vehicles, locomotives, bicycle parts, scooter parts, hardware parts, hydraulic parts, lawn mower parts and other diversified products.

Professional technology and sophisticated products are our consistent goals. The company has applied for ISO9001:2015 and has 16 CNC related processing equipment. We value quality, integrity, efficiency, and service. In the era of high-tech industries, we continue to demand ourselves and meet customer standards to provide higher quality to meet customer needs.


Clamps, Jigs, CNC Milling, Metalworking, Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Bicycle Parts, Light-duty Weapons and Hand Guns, Hand Tools, Air Tools, Milling, CNC Metalworking, ATV Parts, Hydraulic Parts


Year Established: 1989
Production Mode: OEM
Export Market: Europe, North America
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: ■ In-house-made jigs, clamps and molds
■ 2D measuring instruments and 3D measurement chambers
Address: No. 29, Dawei Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412023 , Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2213-3068
Fax: 886-4-2211-5167
URL: www.cens.com/zhancheng

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