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Ho Lee Co., Ltd. to trace back to 1973, when its founder set up the first plastic injection factory in
Danshui Taiwan, as the dominant supplier of high-frequency welding parts at the time, for wide range of PVC inflatables from air valves, plastic grommets, water plugs to oar locks, rope holders and other
PVC boat parts which all are still going strong today. After 40 years of assiduity and endeavor in manufacturing, it soon became the leading and most respectable enterprise in its industry seeing that
Ho Lee continues with new innovation and development, which quickly outgrew its facilities in Taiwan. During the 1990’s, two ISO certified factory were established in Dongguan, later in 2000 Ho Lee started another factory in Shanghai to fortify and expand its manufacturing sites. Then by market demand and relocation advantages, our signature designed factory in Zhejiang also ISO certified finally came online in 2009 to service customer mainly from central to the northern shore of China and as an alternative source for domestic business.


Air Pump, Electric Pump, OAR, Pool Accessories, Filter, Valve, Heaters, Skimmer, Camping Ware, Paddles, Solar Showers, Boat Parts, Sport Accessories, Toys, Garment Accessories, Ho Lee


Number of Total Employees: 2,500
Year Established: 1973
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Export Percentage: 95%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: HO LEE
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company: HO LEE CO., LTD.

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