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Wang-Ji Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
PHC Pile Molds & Sheet Pile Molds

The Tainan-based Wang-Ji Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. has three decades of experience in precast steel molding and specializes in making pretensioned spun concrete pile molds, sheet pile molds, power pole molds, polyester resin concrete pipe molds, and cement-related molds. It also supplies CNC (computerized numerical control) lathe services for large-diameter metalwork.

The firm’s steel molds have established a solid reputation in the global civil engineering industry and are used widely in precast construction for bridges, tunnels, harbors, box culverts, sewerage culverts (including resin pipes and resin U-type ditches), wave energy dissipating concrete blocks, and foundation engineering for skyscraper.

Thanks to constant innovation and R&D, Wang-Ji’s molds enjoy the advantages of high precision, superior seal and joint tightness, polished product surfaces, fast strip down, and assembly to maximize product output, all of which serve to bolster buyers’ competitiveness. Wang-Ji Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. can turn out 10 sets of steel molds for precast concrete a month.

Wang-Ji has also taken the lead in manufacturing polyester resin concrete pipe molds for swerage, that feature a polished appearance, high precision, and tight joints.

The company’s revenues have reached NT$80 million (US$2.7 million) annually. The domestic market accounts for 90% of its total sales, with major customers including Hwan Tai Cement Products Co., Ltd. and Tsen Lung Cement Products Co., Ltd. Reliable customer services, including a one-year warranty on new mold products, back up the quality of Wang-Ji products.

Its abundance of experience in steel molds for precast concrete, along with constant efforts at improvement, has allowed Wang-Ji to win a large number of international patents. It aims to create mutually beneficial partnerships, and welcomes personalized orders from its customers.

Wang-Ji Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.
No. 44-36, Taibei Village, Xinying Dist., Tainan City 730, Taiwan
Tel: 886-6-652-8810, 886-6-652-0398
Fax: 886-6-652-0395


Pretensioned Spun Concrete Pile Molds, Sheet Pile Molds, Polyester Resin Concrete Pipe Molds, Polyester Resin Concrete U-type Molds, Power Pole Molds, Flange Fitting for Pretensioned Spun Pile, CNC Lathe Services


Number of Total Employees: 10
Year Established: 2003
Production Mode: ODM, OBM
Export Percentage: 25%
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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