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A-Max Technology Corp., with a dedicated R&D team and adhering to the motto to offer quality, advanced and trustworthy products and prompt service, provides convenient/well-organized after-sales service, as well as being an engineering and specialized planner to help customers/manufacturers in the fields of rubber, plastic, biomedical, pharmaceutical goods and processed food.

While eagerly participating in local and international exhibitions of rubber/plastic machinery and cooperating with renowned machine manufacturers to develop more business opportunities with competitive prices, we are dedicated to developing more user-friendly, practical machines—including auto-cooled oil temp controllers, innovative air coolers and freezers—also providing consultation, stringently assembled machines that are quality/performance inspected before delivery.

We also provide set-up training on-site for free to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our efforts have turned us into the designated machine supplier for local schools and we are looking for opportunities overseas.


Thermo-controller, Industrial Chiller, Dehumidifier Dryer, Blender, Central Conveyance System, Infrared Crystallization Rotary Dryer, Electrostatic Powder Eliminator, Mold Dehumidifier, Air Cooler


Number of Total Employees: 26
Year Established: 2004
Total Annual Sales (USD): 2.76 million
Export Percentage: 40%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: A-MAX
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: Maintenance/repair team for fast local service.
Low cost.
Optimal production quality.
Breakthrough designs.
Approvals / Certifications: Auto-cooled oil temp controller patent pending .

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