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YOKOTEX CO., LTD. was established in 1993. We have two factories located in Taiwan Area and Mainland China. We have won a good reputation for superior quality control and consistent innovation. With business operation dwelled in two professional fields separately, YOKOTEX is committed to satisfying clients' demands and capable of performing OEM and ODM tasks. Whoever is looking for plastic injection parts or neoprene supports, Yokotex always keeps high enthusiasm to provide full resolutions.

Professional Field

** Plastic Injection - China Factory **
* ISO9001:2000 approved
* GP and RoHS System approved
Product scope: Plastic products

We specialize in designing molds and manufacturing various parts from electronic components, exercise equipment parts and stroller parts to uncountable trivial plastic products. We can translate your concept and design into reality, providing complete services from mold making, batch production, secondary processing like printing or assembly to drop shipping.

We also provide our customers with advance notice of any changes in service or process, and allow our customers to perform periodic quality audit at our facility if required.

** Neoprene support and Exercise Garment - Taiwan Factory **
We specialize in neoprene product innovation and manufacture. Product scope includes sport protection products, medical protection products, fitness and beauty products, sport garments and relevant neoprene products. We're capable of making customized products as well.

* FDA registered*

Please feel free to contact us at judyleu@yokotex.com for more information.


Equestrian and Horse-riding Equipment, Hats, Exercise Mats, Textile Footwear, Synthetic Fiber, Footwear, Rubber Footwear, Synthetic Fiber Footwear, Plastic Footwear, Synthetic Leather Footwear, Other Shoes, Other Sporting & Leisure Goods

Company: YOKOTEX CO., LTD.

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