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Glasseskingdom.com was created by Kindavid Corporation, with the aim of serving the Global sunglasses market, with a creative, quality, and dynamic product range, with a motivated workforce delivering to the customer a rapid on time delivery from concept, design to distribution and sales.

Since 1981, KINDAVID CORPORATION has successfully fulfilled the role of manufacturer and exporter of glasses & accessories through a series of integration and strategic alliances. Factories both in Taiwan and Mainland China have empowered us to expand our customers' market shares and growth of profit. With over 30 years of experience, we have grown to become one of the leading companies in our field with a partnership network that covers marketing areas throughout the World.


Sunglasses, Sports Glasses, Ski Goggle, Reading Glasses, Kids Glasses, Eyeglasses Cord, Case and Others, Safety Glasses, Goggles


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