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Foreword: Occurred from 1973 the first oil shock facilitates the modern Pu world to seek the energy alternative, underwent near 30 year fluctuations, after entering in the 21st century, because the energy, the environmental protection and the energy conservation reduced the carbon subject to receive day by day take seriously, green could generate electricity also once more becomes focal point of the energy industry, the research and development green energy also take the wind power generation as the head, has in the industrial demand, this company devotes to break through the research and development to produce one, the slow-speed of revolution low torsion generator.

S D P Super Doube Power researches and develops the work room by a crowd of hobby green electrical energy source, to build up the electronic electrical machinery, the charting design, the machine design manufacture personally, to devote green to can the product industry partner union, and establishes green energy company ── ultra time in 99 year union to be able officially the science and technology Limited liability company. The hope has our crowd to deeply love the benign effect which Earth and the environmental protection person can have some to offer a few ordinary introductory remarks so that others may offer their valuable ideas, lets everybody joint effort the environmental protection, the energy conservation to reduce the carbon.

This company researches and develops the manufacturing, the slow-speed of revolution low torsion generator, the product application to be widespread, like the continuous current dynamo, the wind-driven generator, the hydraulic generator, the solar electrical energy generation, the electric automobile returns to sufficiently systematic, the electric locomotive to return to the sufficient system, the bicycle electricity generation charge illumination, the manual -like generator, the teaching type generator, the direct-current electric appliance product, the direct-current inversion exchange, the charge electric power storage product, the special specification generator and so on, all related environmental protection and energy conservation serial products all goal of research and development of contribution for this company.

Until now traded the customer world-wide various trades and occupations. We still the unceasing endeavor, by a more specialized service, the leading technology, the more formidable production efficiency, the superior quality and the reasonable price strove for the customer the favor. Ultra time could the science and technology Limited liability company accumulate several year experiences in the field year, accumulated has met various model each specialized customer need the specialized knowledge. We from demand plan, research and development, charting, design, manufacture, installment, testing, no matter is the quality and the technology deeply attains the customer the high praise, has the quite great popularity in the field.


Auto-transmission Electromechanical Unitsl, Power Modules, Electric Motorcycles / Scooters, Special-Purpose Machines for the Machining of Bicycle/Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle, pecial-Purpose Machines for Honing Cylinders for Motorcycles and Machinery, Apparels, E-motorcycle, Electric Vehicles, Power Control Units, Motors、Generators & Parts, Generators, Battery Checkers, Solar Cells ??and Accessories, Batteries、Chargers & Parts, Battery Materials and Accessories, Battery Charger, Motors, Motor Parts and Accessoris, Motor Parts


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