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Founded in 1993 by Mr. Lin, who had been devoted to plastic mold manufacture since 1984, Kuen Horng Co., Ltd. specializes in plastic injection molding and plastic mold development. With ample expertise in plastic mold and materials, Mr. Lin always cautiously estimates to guarantee high quality.

We specialize in contract making two-color computer peripherals, camera parts and assemblies, baggage cart components, hand tool grips, plastic bicycle parts and accessories, 3M handles etc.

We started to develop plastic parts and molds for healthcare instruments in 2000, mainly including dialysis blood recirculating line sets, IV priming tube components, syringes, and HME filters for tracheostomy etc. Despite offshore migration of industries and financial crisis, we’ve sustained growth and have equipped the factory with 22 plastic molding machines, 2.5D measuring instruments, universal templates, pullers, mold monitors, and other measuring tools, and operate in clean room. With SGS’s guidance, we were ISO13485 certified in July 2011, while continuing to develop and improve production.

We always concentrate on innovation and R&D to pursue zero-defect production, and welcome inquiries and samples for counter-production, joint domestic sales and export.


Components of Blood Line Set, Priming Tube Components, Drip Chamber, Pillow, Clamp, Pump Segment Connector, Priming Connector, Dialysis Connector, Rotating Connector, S-Female Luer Lock, T-Injection Site, HDF Connector, Filtering Connector, Cone-Shaped Blood Filter, Spike, Spike Cover, Roller Clamp, Virus Filter, HME Filter, HME Filter Paper, Male Luer Connector, Male Luer Lock Cap, IV-SET/I.V. SET & Accessiores, Medical plastic connector, Medical plastic connector parts, Infusion set, Bloodline set components


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