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Established in July 1986 as "Song Chuan Accuracy Industry Co., Ltd.," we handled stamping and mold processing in the initial stage of our company's development. To enhance processing technology and extend our factory area, we invested significant capital in 1988 and began to focus on making progressive dies, metal stamping, aluminum-alloy cold/hot forging, and parts and accessories processing. Since 1991, we have purchased several heavy-duty stamping presses and imported high-grade precision testing equipment for die development and design, and have changed our name to "Song Jiing Accuracy Industry Company Limited."

Operational concepts:
1. Insisting on "Customer First, Quality First, and Advanced Services," we provide customers with topflight business services
2. To be always a step ahead in the field
3. To be reliable, practical and sincere, with worldwide viewpoints
4. To build a superior working area for our employees

Main products:
Computers Parts and Accessories, Pneumatic and Electric-powered Tools Accessories, Garden Tools Accessories, As Well as Parts and Accessories for Industrial, Sporting Equipment Accessories, Industrial Sewing Machine Accessoires, Other Hardware Items

Finished-product Development and Design, Precision Cutting, Processing-die Manufacturing, Auto/motorcycles Parts Manufacture, Electric-powered and Pneumatic Tools, Titanium-plate and Electronics Hardware Parts Stamping, OEM and ODM Aluminum-alloy/iron/brass cold&hot Forging


Precision Cut Items, Computer Parts and Accessories, Household Hardware Accessories, Auto And Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, Pneumatic and Electric-Powered Tool Accessories, Garden-Use Hardware Items, Sports Equipment Accessories, Industrial Sewing Machine Accessories, Garden Tool Accessories11. Production Equipment, Pneumatic Precision Punch Presses (400-Ton Models), Garden Tools, Other Hardware Items, as Well as Parts and Accessories for Industrial Sewing Machine, Electric-Powered and Pneumatic Tools, Computers and Sporting Goods, Finished-Product Development and Design, Progressive-die Manufacturing, Precision Cutting, OEM and ODM Aluminum Alloy/Iron Cold Foring, and Electronics Hardware Part Stamping


Year Established: 1986
Business Type: Manufacturer

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