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Founded in 1988, Ingger Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing high-grade rubber parts for industrial applications, including automotive, motorcycle, machinery, electronics and daily utensils etc.

Claiming to make products with high-grade materials and high-precision molds for top quality and durability, Ingger is very confident of turning out all kinds of standard and customized items. Buyers can get the most satisfactory finished products by simply providing product specifications or samples.

With its very strong development and manufacturing capability, Ingger claims that it can produce a wide range of rubber and rubber/metal parts, including oil seals, O-rings, V-ring, U-rings, engine mounts and bushings, washers, and different rubber items for transportation vehicles, machinery equipment, electronic products, home appliances, medical equipments, sporting goods, daily utensils, and construction hardware, etc.

The company adopts ASTM-approved materials, including NBR, HNBR, EPDM, CR, neoprene, SBR, FPM, NR, SNBR, silicone, Viton etc. For achieving top quality, Ingger insists on using only the best, rather than typical materials. The maker also focuses on developing high-precision molds to gain the best detailing, while its stringent quality-control system also carefully scrutinizes each item produced. With long-accumulated know-how and expertise in the past 25 years, Ingger delivers good-quality, cost-competitive products.

Ingger exports about half of its rubber parts to major markets in the U.S. and the Americas, also selling the rest to local traders. The firm welcomes further inquiries from customers.


Oil Seals, Bumpers, Front Forks, O-Rings, Gaskets, Engine Mounts, Rubber Parts, Oil Rings, OEM Rubber Parts, Washers, Industrial Rubber Goods, Catch Plates


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