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(Tai Yung Zen Industrial Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1990. Since incorporation, the company has operated with the conviction of a realistic, diligent and practical spirit as well as the philosophy of meeting challenges and pursuing the root. A variety of metallic materials is employed in our automatic production, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, alloy steel and pig iron, etc. In aspect of material molding, we erected a professional-based cold forging plant, thermal forging plant, aluminum forging plant, aluminum extrusion plant and casting plant. The post-production is achieved by integrating the heat treatment plant, plating plant, anodizing plant, and film plating plant. In this way, we are now a major supplier for the automobile and motorcycle parts industry all over the world.
In 2001, we were granted ISO 9001 Quality Certification. Based on the requirements of ISO Quality System,
we are able to achieve the process standardization and quality improvement for our process control. In the meantime, we also introduced the ERP Operation System. With the professional technical teams, we can provide faster development and production process standardization services for our customers in order to satisfy their demands.

In addition to achieving a mutual-benefit, win-win relationship,it is also a commitment for
ensuring the quality of our products.


Precision Metallic Parts, Other Machinery Parts and Components, Performance Parts OEM/ODM Metal Parts Processing Metal Parts, Machinery OEM/ODM Services CVT Systems & Parts, Brake system parts manufacturing, Relevant metallic parts manufacturing, CNC lathe, miller precision machining, pneumatic tool parts manufacturing, Cylinder, CVT parts and spindle transmission gear manufacturing


Production Mode: OEM, ODM

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