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Q-Point Technology focuses committed to Android-based multimedia consumer and commercial product development. 2013,We launched a series of products , the otherwise elementary Android Smart TV Engine, although no projection function , but can fully support all USB external devices , is currently the only commercially available USB HUB can add the digital set-top boxes, so although body only two USB ports , but it can extend through to 8 USB HUB USB external devices , while also available in a wired network ( RJ45 Ethernet cable connection ) environment, as the wireless Router ( wireless Router ) to use , multi-use fully meet the needs of home digital life ; Advanced upgrade to enjoy the fun of the projector , Android Smart PC Projector is the best choice , the same application of the TI DLP micro- projection technology, projection size of up to 50 inches or more, or a projection function better Android Smart Projector, projection size of 120 inches , whether it is set up in a home theater or conference center, the viewer can bring perfect experience.


Android 4.3, Pico, TV Box, Projector, TV Engine


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