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"Your Vision Is SABLE's Mission"
Sharp on land and agile in the water, SABLE is an animal capable of hunting down rats and hares as well as fish and frogs at night. Not only can it swim and dive but it can also shift around in the field.
The agility is just one thing that facilitates its hunting. The sharp vision is, incomparably, the best gear to hunting down those preys. Aspiring to perform excellent, SABLE adopted the concept of the amphibious animal and constantly developed new products specializing in the water optics.
SABLE’s mission is to ensure the sport lovers a clear vision above and below water. SABLE aims to be the first brand of professional sport optical glasses in the world.
“Sport Optical Glasses” is one of the special glasses that can offer the eyes protection and correction for the sportsman, and also can satisfy different sports functions need.


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