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GCCA Inc. was established in 2010 at the British Virgin Islands with headquarters in Taiwan and business operations in China and United States. The GCCA management team consists of reputable senior executives in the fields of Telecom and IT. As the world adapts to the global climate and its soaring energy prices, Green IT business solutions have become increasingly valuable. With the supports and efforts of its global partners, GCCA devotes itself to the promotion of green cloud computing solutions based on the mission of ‘Cloud Computing, Secure, Simple and Green’.

GCCA has received acclaim in the industry for its innovative energy routers, and won the Best Choice Golden Award for Computex 2013. In order to simplify purchasing procedure, One-Stop-Shopping All-in-One Container, and the Green Modular Data Center have been promoted to be a “Simple and Green” service for customers. The GCCA Alliance, with its complete network, data center resources, and years of experience in data center operations, supports our work in various domains of application. In 2014, GCCA are going to launch various new products appealing to the eyes of market.


gDesCloud, gCloud Flex, Cloud Computing Service, Green DC Product

Company: GCCA INC.

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