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Shin Ying Precision Co., Ltd. has made effort in high quality technique for many years.
We have various products, such as high precision medical parts, military and air plane parts, mobile parts, special metal material (SUS316, SKD series) and cam machining.
We have a good reputation in the field of precision industry.
From mold design and manufacture services, modeling of aluminum extrusion, forging process, servo punching process, lost wax casting, NC milling, reprocessing, heat treating, electroplating, hard anodizing to product inspecting and packaging, all the processes are under our supervision. We provide detailed one-stop service and that is why we called ourselves the best OEM supplier. Shin Ying Precision helps our customer to reduce the cost and increase the advantage in competition of quality, efficiency, speed, and price.
In the future, we would like to develop better and more diversified products for our customers. We love to challenge the complex and high precision requirements. It is what we pursue and it is our promise to present you the best quality products.


Punched/Lathed/Pressed Products, Die-castings, Surface Treatment, Aluminum Products, CNC Machined Parts, CNC Milling, CNC Lathing, Aeronautical & Military Parts Processing, Special Metallic Parts Processing, Optical 3C Parts Processing, Optical Medical Parts Processing, Forging, Stamping, Special Gear Parts Processing, Remote-controlled Model Parts Processing, Precision Plastic Injection Parts Processing, Aluminum Extrusion Tooling, Hard Anodizing


Number of Total Employees: 10
Year Established: 2010
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Percentage: 60%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: KHG
Business Type: Manufacturer, Design and Research Services, Exporter, Trading Company
Competitive Advantages: As a professional OEM Supplier, we offer the high level technique and the strict quality management. By fully integrate the middlemen and supplier, we have the robust supply chain what the customer really need.
Shin Ying Precision Co. supplies our customers completely by providing the one stop services and subcontractors. We supervise the processes starting from the material to the end product. Moreover, we discipline our qualified suppliers to follow quality management and fit all the applicable rules of ISO 9001.
With numerous our partners and suppliers in Taiwan, our operating team can always help the customer to get the most reasonable price with the best quality and technique. Keeping the leading position on the professional knowledge and the quality/technique enhancement is what we are working on. All of our customers are satisfied with the product quality and the price we offer.
Let’s create a double win through our services and make our business growing!
Contact Person: Mrs. Hung (Sale)

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