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Sheng Yzz Co., Ltd. established business in this field since 1979, we are a professional machine designing & sole manufacturer of coconut fiber, palm fiber turn key plant in Taiwan, Sheng Yzz company innovates, research & develop new product continuously in the passed years, the company designed & made in Taiwan for the first

one whole set fully automatic coconut fiber mattress production equipment in 1994, we also had researched developed product continuously, such as various plant fiber separating machine, drying machine, hydraulic baling machine, pelleting machine, crushing machine, etc. and obtained Taiwan national design patent (new type patent No. 6112, No. 82434, 325479, 337247 and No. 319935, etc. With highest productivity, buyer can make huge profit in a short time, it’s your best choice.

Meantime, Sheng Yzz company applied their trade mark patent【EGM】 EVER GREEN MACHINE which stands for green Eco-friendly machine, the trade mark abbreviated as EGM. It is not only received good response

in this field worldwide, but also sold machine to a lot of customers in Taiwan, China, Korea and several countries in Southern Eastern Asia. The future target of company is that they will aggressive to provide the most excellent product and business service to all over the world. Sheng Yzz company expect to become a global reputed professional manufacturer of green Eco-friendly machine and also expect to supply our best product and service for marketing to worldwide, in order to establish a hundred years evergreen enterprise which is goal of Sheng Yzz company in this business filed.

Raw Material

Coconut Shell
Coconut palm Coconut is the only species of the genus of large plants, coconut is coconut fruit is a very popular in the tropics fruit.

Palm oil production in Southeast Asia is an important industry. After separation of the fruit from the stems of mature palm, leaving the empty fruit bunches (EFB) has become a raw material.

Kenaf Fibers
Kenaf is also called kenaf, kenaf, hemp bell, hibiscus hemp, kenaf, hemp, etc. Barry Armstrong, Malvaceae hibiscus under a species. Bast fiber crops is an important.

Jute Fibers
Jute is a long, flexible, issued gloss plant fibers can be woven into high strength filaments rough. It belongs to the mallow plant classification of Kerria.

Agave Sisalana Fibers
Sisal (scientific name: Agave sisalana), also known as pineapple hemp, is a plant of the Agavaceae.

Bamboo is mainly distributed in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions. As perennials, mostly with underground rhizomes. Usually grow through underground creeping rhizomes into pieces.

Evergreen perennial herb, stems short, base born suckers. Sword-shaped leaves dense, spirally arranged, edge or without spines become an important feature of the difference between varieties.

Date palm tree is evergreen, tall, straight trunk; pinnate tufted top, narrow leaves, similar to coconut.


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