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Avertronics Inc.

Aftermarket automotive electronics parts

Established in 1987, Avertronics Inc. supplies a wide range of aftermarket (AM) automotive electronics parts, including automotive wire-harness assemblies, sensors, relays, wireless tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) etc.

The company is certified by almost all vital and most stringent standards in the field, including TS 16949, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc., proving its strength and ambition in pursuing the best.

Currently, Avertronics runs three production plants, one in Taiwan (over 200 employees) and two in mainland China (Kunshan of Jiangsu Province and Shenzhen of Guangdong Province; each with over 300 workers). The well-established division-of-labor manufacturing scheme makes the company highly competitive in the market.

Avertronics claims that it supplies several types of high-quality wire-harness assemblies, including those for GPS antenna, RF, reverse-imaging system, turn-signal, taillight etc.

The company also supplies a wide range of quality sensors which are for air-conditioning pressure, fuel-pressure, oil-pressure, manifold air-flow pressure etc.

Avertronics recently expanded its automotive-electronics product lines and will continuously launch new and innovative models in the market.


Thermal Switches, Motor Protectors, Heat-resistan Wires & Cable, Terminals, Connectors, Insulated Sleeving & Tubings, Tire Gauges, Tire Valves, Engine Electrical Parts, Body Electrical Parts, Switches, Wire Assemblies, Relays, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), TPMS, Sensors, Automotive Camera Module, Solar Sensor, Twilight Sensor, Combined Pressure/Temperature Sensor, Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor, Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor, HVAC/Refrigeration Pressure Sensor, Capacitive Acceleration Sensor, Automatic Reset Pressure Switches, Pressure Switches, Manual Reset Pressure Switch, Temperature Sensors, Thermostats, Heater Controls, Sensor, DMX Lighting Controllers, DMX Drivers / Converters, Wireless PIR System, Wireless LED Lighting Control System, WPIR, GPS Antennas Wire Hamess, Auto Bulbs Wire Harness, Tail Lights/Turn Lights Wire Harness, Car Rear View System Wire Harness, Power Windows Motor Wire Harness, Pressure Sensor, DC Motor Protection, FAKRA Cable, DC Cable for CAR, OEM/ODM of LED Module for Automotive, Motor Protector Wire Harness, Battery Protector Wire Harness, RF Coaxial Cable Assembly, Control Panel Wire Harness


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