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Champion Shine Enterprises Co., Ltd., founded in 1975, specializes in producing, designing and developing varied closed-cell EVA foam sheets and EVA surface design. Equipped with water cutting and mold cutting CNC processing machineries that enables the factory to cut into any sort of EVA foam, the firm is in the unique position take in any customized OEM and ODM orders.

Compared to the traditional type of rubber-fitted or vehicle mats, EVA foams as vehicle mat materials is waterproof, durable and less susceptible to deformation. Other traits that are favorable for vehicle use are non-stick, slip-resistant, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and fast and easy installation. These factors are considered into the production and designing of all-around use of EVA foam vehicle mats to reach across different markets around the world.

Due to ever-changing market tastes and trends, Champion Shine Enterprises has also rolled out different styles and colors to address varied demands and add customization into their line of work. This would allow more auto brands and car enthusiasts to have a large selection of variations to choose from and personalize their vehicle mats.

Champion Shine Enterprises currently markets worldwide and has done high quality products, considering best competitive prices with high capacity production. They were able to gain certification like European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 PART 3: 1994 AND AMENDMENT A1:2000. in 2003, Europe RoHS Standard and PAHs Free Standard (not including PAHs) in 2005, and obtained ISO9001:2000 and GB/T 19001-2000 certification in 2009.


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