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About Apex-Data

What is Apex-Data Infotainment System?

Information and Entertainment or 'Infotainment' is part of apex data integrated services platform for Hospitals.

By using this platform, hospital administrators can provide their patients with a extensive list of entertainment options during their recovery process.

The platform also used as an educational tool to educate or inform patients and their families. And the educational items like rehabilitation, nutrition, treatment options, etc.The solution is consisted of the following.

Apex Data Digital Signage

The Apex Data Dynamic Digital Signage has been used in many hospitals.

This system has good scheduling capabilities because its power web-based Content Manager.

With scheduling, administrators can add A customized program for healthcare education, treatment options, etc., can be showed in a screen now.

The queue management can also be implemented on this platform.

In Thailand, the Apex data Dynamic Digital Signage is currently deployed in the OPD areas (40 displays/locations) at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and at Samitivej Srinakarin and Samitivej Sriracha Hospitals (20 displays/locations).

Apex data Interactive TV was chosen to be deployed in patient rooms for providing essential information to patients and their families as major objective of hospital.

Moreover, the users also get new experience with other available functions on apex data Interactive TV rather than watching usual TV channel. What are the functions at Samitivej? When the system starts, the first page islanguage menu.

Current available language is Thai. English. Japanese. After language selection, apex data Interactive TV will bring to main menu which contains the following:

TV Program: apex data’s IPTV Live Streaming Server converts analog TV signal, CCTV, and cameras to be digital live streaming which enable in-house broadcasting by multimedia network.
Internet: Patients can contact their friends or search information by internet, like using a personal computer.
Health Clinics & Center: This menu provides hospital information for each location.
Health Guide: The health information is provided with classified health articles and videos.
Phone Directory: In-house phone directory
Room Service: Meal ordering
Movies: List for lots of DVD movies
Games: Over 1,000 games available. Let’s enjoy!
Musics: Music video, and Karaoke.
Information: Service information, e.g. nursing care, patient rights, how to use facilities, etc.
Discharge Summary: Bill of expenses
Medical Service: This menu is for doctors and nurses only which consists of viewing X-Ray and ultrasound photo from PACS system, lab result, and necessary patient information for nurses to verify and apply care properly.

Moreover, apex data Interactive TV system supports playing CD/VCD/DVD on the system without putting another player in the room.


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