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In 1950 , The World War II was over . After the Restoration of Taiwan, it departed from the rule of Japan , everything was waited for reconstructed that time in Taiwan. My father ran the the manufacturing of hand-made Scissors difficultly from the ruins after War. The Scissors he made are with excellent quality, so I have learnt the skill and therefore , got the family heritage to make the scissors . Furthermore , in 1967 , we imported Stainless Steel Board and Automatic Machinery from Japan and transferred formerly from Manual Sissors to be Stainless Steel Scissors . We have Promoted our products to the international market.

The clients who cooperated with us are mostly the famous brands in the local and foreign countries, because we have the most professional technology. Therefore, the shearing and cutting capacities are the best. The strong cutting capacity is the basic element for one piece of Scissors, and it's also our feature that is worthy to recommend it to you. Our Scissors are guaranteed to be your good Scissors for all life.

The products of our company are with excellent quality and reputation insured. We are mainly producing all kinds of Scissors for all the purposes, such as procloth-cutters, Scissors.... around 200 types along with all kinds of Stainless Steel products. The good production line and strict quality control make our products innovative everyday to distribute to all over the world with great reputation.


Scissor(s), Shear(s), Hand Tool(s), Handtool(s), Tool Kit, Tailor Scissor(s), Dressmaking Scissor(s), Professional Dressmaking Scissor(s),Sewing Scissor(s), Embroidery Scissor(s), Thread Snip, Household Scissor(s), Barber Scissor(s), Thinning Scissor(s), Professional Barber Scissor(s), Office Scissor(s), Wall Paper Scissor(s),Garden Scissor(s), Multi-Purpose Scissor(s), Electronic Scissor(s), Cable Cutter, Curved Scissor(s), Office Scissor(s),Stationery Scissor(s), Envelope Opener(s), Kitchen Scissor(s), Special Scissor(s), Vet Scissor(s), Safety Scissor(s), Gauze Scissor(s), Leather Scissor(s), Vibrissa Scissor(s), Fishing Line Scissor(s), Stainless Steel Scissor(s), Children Scissor(s),Forged Scissor(s), Tool Scissor(s), Hair Dress, Haberdashery, Textile, Knit, Fabric, Yarn, Quilting, Needle Craft, Garden Tool, Beauty


Production Mode: ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer

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