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Guangzhou LEDTEEN optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is specialized in high quality LED light source(LED COB) including research and production. We are a member of PEARL group who are the largest manufacturer of quartz alarm clock and watch movement in the Asia, Our technic team is from Research Center of Semiconductor Lighting System of SunYat-sen University. We have the excellent management experience and reliable technical support.

LEDTEEN COB matching all kinds of lamp, meet the comprehensive requirements of indoor lighting. With reference to US energy star standards, LEDTEEN has improved the LED COB performance a lot in Welding Strength, Color Control, Luminous Efficiency, Optical Attenuation, Lumen Price etc… We hope COB@LEDTEEN will be the first choice for the LED light source.

LEDTEEN total investment is more than 50 million RMB, Planning and operation of 30 COB professional production lines. At present we have 11 COB production lines on operate. We have set up the strategic partner relationship with the main LED chip manufacturer .Through enlarging the production capacity to reduce the cost constantly, LEDTEEN is keen on pursuing in high cost performance COB with reliable quality, we are working on it and never stop.


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