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CHUAN CHI INDUSTRY CO. specializes in the manufacturing of the shrinking inserting machines. At CCI, we take pride in the exceptional engineering proficiency of our engineering team as well as our leadership role in the industry
Our company was founded in 1986 when the shrinking inserting label concept was still at its early stage. Our design was granted a patent in 1993 after 7 years of strenuous R&D and improvements to our manufacturing process. The entire CCI staff is 100% committed to delivering the highest quality to our customers. The standards that we have achieved are comparable to those of our Europen and Japanese counterparts. Our ability to consistently deliver the superior quality at a low cost is attributable to the effective management of the value chain.

Initially, we had focused on serving our local customers. Well known Taiwanese establishments such as Wei-Chuan,Kang-Chuan have incorporated our machines into their processes, just to name a few. Recently, we have broadened our market scope to deliver the same value to the international market. Our diverse customer base is a testament to the value that we have delivered.

We are committed to a continuous improvement process that will produce world-class machines. In addition to the bottle shrinking inserting machines(customized for PET, PP, PVC, GLASS, IRON AND POLY vessels), we have recently added models to our line that are suitable for batteries, cosmetics, tapes and so on. We always welcome customers and agents, interested in our products, to contact us.


Horizontal and Vertical Automatic Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine, Label Inserting Machine, Vertical Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine, Packaging Machine, Shrink Tunnel,


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