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Fupite Plastics Mold Company has risen from a traditional factory (this type of factory was traditionally called a "workers' hands" business). >From its traditional start, it has grown now to have over 15,000 square meters of factory space (162,000 square feet).Reaching important levels of standards and use of many different metals results in this amazing story of becoming the pinnacle of the business in southern Taiwan.

As many things in our daily lives are made of plastic, molds for these items are a backbone of manufacturing. The list of plastic items is endless. Everything from pencil cases to auto bumpers is made of plastic. Since 1989,Fupite now has a history of over 20 years of thoughtful innovation toward high level/high precision plastic molds.

In recent years, plastic mold technology has improved as well as plastic products and the needs of the manufacturers of those products. Fupite Plastics has pushed the forward with obtaining CNC tools and advanced use of computerization. This has automated most basic production and taken the domestic market a big step further.

In the future, Fupite Plastics Mold will continue to upgrade to meet: the direction of the market, basis of technology, market availability, and opportunities. This will provide better customer satisfaction and customer service, and at the same time maintain a clear goal and build trust with customers and investors.


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