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MEC is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of cable assembly and wire harness. MEC products are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video, telecommunications and automotive. MEC offers more than 10,000 combinations of types of cable assembly and wire harness, and continue to grow through custom specific designs.

MEC serves more than 1,000 customers in over 20 countries around the world. MEC for 30 years since incorporation in 1976, has been the choice partner for connectivity solutions to leading OEMs/ODMs, Branded consumer electronics and Fortune 500 companies.


Communication Wire and Cable, AC/DC Power Supply Cords, Wire Harness, LAN & Networks Assembly, Input/Output Peripherals (Tele-Communication & Computer Cable Assembly), Connectors for Electronics, Plugs and Sockets, Ear Phone, Speaker

Company: MEC IMEX INC.

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