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CHEIN MEI TRADE CO., LTD. Since 1985, Taipei

Love earth , let's use environmental TPU products more !
In 1985, we began to work in Taipei as the processing of hair jewelry accessories.
In 1986, Shang Ju hair accessories store set up, when the professionalquality hair accessories in the process.
During this period, the quality of our products and series
Widely accepted among peers and in good standing. In addition, we upstream and downstream manufacturers have stable and goodrelationship.
In 1995, still ranks began to see a potential Product market, TPU special rubber-like elastic ring. We know that such products are environmentally friendly.
And will be a large number of domestic and foreign markets in promoting implementation.
To Promote products and related services, Shang Ju another to establish a Chein Mei Trading Co., Ltd. in 1997, for the purpose of expanding Fashion jewelry accessories and TPU elastic ring import and export business .
In order to become Taiwan's unique products provide this and keeping higher quality offer, we import special TPU resin material, Processed into our own TPU elastic ring.
All of our products tested and approved non-toxic and ROHS certified by SGS , EU regulation REACH and non-toxic material testing.
The TPU elastic rubber ring is green (earth friendly), can be decomposed, heat resistance, oil resistance, freezing resistance, not sticky, anti-scaling and does not harm hair. Sulfide-free electronic products do not hurt.
Suitable for tying gifts, high-end electronic products, computer accessories and even food products.
In order to protect the Earth, let's encouraged to use TPU elastic ring to replace of general rubber band.
2010, in order to expand the European market, we registered in the Swedish city of Malmo Shang ju Division,
a period of expansion andservice markets in Europe.
Recently, we develop rubber band in diameter 7mm (FM0701) specifically for dental use. Our products are colorless, non-toxic, earth friendly and sulfide-free, it is more safe and secure than the other general rubber bands. (General rubber bands contain sulfide, it's not suitable to put in the mouth). Our elastic rings are comparable to Japan's, and the price is more competitive.
December 2010 Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd. through the vetting process byISO9001.

Please check our website for ISO 9001 certification and product testing report


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Company: CHEIN MEI TRADE CO., LTD. (Since 1985,Taipei )

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