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Winic Corporation was established in 1987, we manufacture a wild range products at our own factories here in Taiwan, and so we can guarantee the quality and control the manufacturing and supply. Our items including USB V2.0, V1.1products, (USB Digital Audio, Hubs, Cards, Converters and Adapters) Firewire IEEE 1394 Products ( Repeaters, Cards, Cables and Adapters), USB / Firewire 1394 Combo cards.3.5" Panel Products (USB and 1394 Hub , Easy Transfer Board ) PCI I/O Cards & Add-on Cards , Ethernet/LAN products , SCSI Cable and many more.At present, we are working to expand our USB and IEEE 1394 Firewire product ranges and to introduce USB version 2.0 cards and devices.We sell our products to both international (including Europe , America , Asian and many other countries) and domestic markets.


Computers & Peripherals, Industrial Electronics & Electric Electrical Equipment/Input & Output Peripherals, Wires & Cables, IO Card, USB HUB, Add-on Card, USB Products, USB Cardreader, Cable, Pen Drive, GPS, Bluetooth, ATA IDE, USB Card, 1394 Card, Combo Card, Ethernet Card, 2.5


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