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Delta FRP Mfg. Inc, a manufacturer of composite materials, produces sandwich-type artificial stone board with various green materials as core.
Core materials: plywood, lumber-core board, chipboard, bagasse board, or board made of compressed recycled wood, recycled plant root/stem, coconut fiber.
Artificial stones come in typically 2 kinds, one with resin surface and the other without. The first was developed earlier with a thin layer of resin on surface and crushed mineral as backing, being heavy, not durable, with the resin surface easily damaged and the boards hard to move due to heavy weight. The second type is solid and can be repolished after being scratched, with weaknesses such as fragility and higher priced.

Our new generation artificial stone boards are without resin coating yet come with all the merits of DuPont’s artificial stone board, being appealing, antibacterial, easy-to-clean. With green materials sandwiched in the core to reduce weight, our product is easily portable, tough, not easy to break. We have also developed one-piece forming technique to save space taken up by cores of artificial boards and reduce material-wastage. Moreover, the core retains the overall structural strength of artificial stone to reduce material costs.

We provide modular production and to-order service in various specs and sizes.
Our unit prices are competitive to add value to our quality products. Furniture factories are welcome for joint market development.


artificial stone Firewood, Artificial stone countertops flow management units, Bags, Decoration spacer


Production Mode: ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer

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