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YUN SHUOH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. has been established since 1988. It's been 28 years which we have enjoyed a very good and valuable reputation as an esteemed firm in this field.
At the very beginning, we dealt mainly with the line of traditional "Automatic Lathe" that can supply products for automotive and mechanical parts. Owing to the market trend and requests by our clients, we switched over to the computerized numerical control (CNC) lathe—milling, lathe, and Swiss type— imported from Japan to promote the efficiencies and accuracies on our products high and mostly.
Today, our company has established a long-term and stable business relationship with Taiwan Power Company. We also obtain the certificate from Taiwan Power Company to produce and sell the Pressure Relief Valve of the power transformer designed by us. Additionally, we have became a manufacturer of precision parts, electrical parts, mechanical parts, special screws, motor shaft, competition helicopters, gas torch.
Our business philosophy is to supply our products with the best quality and on-time delivery all the time, and our customers are always satisfied with our service and philosophy. We surely will continuously serve you with honesty and our philosophy in the future.


Computerized Numerical Control Lathe Machining, All Precision Parts, Motor shaft, electronic parts, automobile parts, gas torch parts Medical equipment parts, special screws


Number of Total Employees: 8
Year Established: 1988
Export Market: Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China
Brand Name: YUN SHUOH
Capital (USD): 150,000 (NT$5,000,000)
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: Stable Quality
High Productivity

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