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In the early years, Sunix specialized in the floppy disk and hard disk controller interface. We have successfully designed and manufactured many types of controller chipsets. In 1995, Sunix became the first manufacturer in the world to ever produce the PCI I/O controller card. In the following year, we excelled again by being the first to create the world first PCI Serial controller chipset. We were successful in integrating 90% of the circuitry components into a single chipset; thereof reduce the RMA rate to under 0.1%. In the same year, we also established our Software Engineer Department at the branch office in Hochheim , Germany . The specialized department was created to allow quick response to the ever changing trend of hardware technology and also give continuing technical support to our customer. Sunix has always maintained its technical standard, in order to continuously create the innovative products and provide the complete solutions.


Communication Products, USB Hub, Printer Controller, Computer Components, Application Software, Firewire Card, PCI Card, PCI Express Card, Usb Adapter, Usb PCI Card, PC Peripheral Manufacturer, KVM Switch, Communication & Networkiog Manufacturer

Company: SUNIX CO., LTD.

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