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Formerly known as Lien Cheng Iron Works that set up shop in 1978, the firm, to meet market demand, was renamed Vyu Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1998 to venture into providing CNC lathing, milling, vertical grinding and other precision processing services, as well as making mechanical spindles, spindle sleeves, etc. Underpinned by its time-proven techniques, the company continues to stay true to its motto of integrity, trustworthiness, precision and accuracy to pursue sustainable growth. Over the past decades, the firm has become a widely trusted partner among machine tool builders worldwide for conscientious, earnest operation, well-honed manufacturing techniques and strict quality management.

With its employees being guided by the fundamental belief that excellent product quality is key to customer satisfaction, Vyu Cheng, in order to meet rigorous international quality standards, has spent considerably procuring advanced manufacturing and quality inspection equipment from globally-known brands, including having introduced in 2008 Zeiss’s 3D measuring machine as a pioneer among local peers. Manager J.C. Hsu of Vyu Cheng stresses that the company will not hesitate to invest in advanced quality inspection instruments, regardless of cost, that can help to achieve top quality. Such steady investment, coupled with continuously upgraded personnel training, has enabled the firm to implement total quality control to build a solid name among customers and subcontractors. In the future, the company plans to expand output of vertical and precision grinding machines and sharpen capability of on-time delivery, so as to satisfy customers with superb quality products and service.

Reputation Derived from Quality
Believing that carrying out total-team quality control is the first step towards customer satisfaction, Vyu Cheng achieves such goal by tapping years of experience working with globally large-scale OEM, mature processing techniques to conduct strict QC along the entire production from material input to delivery, backed by well-trained QC technicians in- house to offer customers products of high quality, precision and efficiency. Accordingly, the firm has built a large base of loyal customers, including well-known machine-tool builders as Taichung Victor, Awea Mechantronic, Dahlih Machinery, Wele Group, Takumi Machinery, She Hong, Setco etc., all of whom take for granted the reliability of Vyu Cheng.

All-around Team
Vyu Cheng strictly carries out repeated spot checks throughout production from receipt of order, manufacture, quality control and delivery, achieved by workers fully knowledgeable about every process from order management, production, quality control to delivery. Regarding delivery of top quality as the life blood of a successful firm, Vyu Cheng selects personnel showing stability and reliability for further skills upgrading to pave the way towards perfect quality control. The team, building on existing knowledge, is trained to use state-of-the-art quality inspection instruments and related QC skills.

Heartfelt Customer Service
To achieve total quality management, Vyu Cheng adopts an all-round customer service strategy. Besides offering customers products perfectly tailored to their needs, Vyu Cheng has specialized, highly efficient staffers that know the importance of timely service to always successfully troubleshoot within the shortest time possible. Making sure to satisfy customers with top quality, integrity and trustworthiness, Vyu Cheng offers all-round service by being wherever service is needed.

Focusing on Top Caliber Machining
To exceed typical standards achieved by machining service providers, Vyu Cheng spares no expense to adopt advanced quality inspection instruments, showing determination to achieve and maintain high quality, precision and efficiency. Bolstered by specialized technology and time-tested metalworking techniques, the firm is committed to turning out machined workpiece with precision rivaling high-end timepieces to surpass market expectations. Always prioritizing customer satisfaction and trying to achieve sensible balance between quality and quantity, the company is well on its way to sustainable development.

As a precision machining service provider, Vyu Cheng understands its market position and role in the line, being committed to offering customers every part that may be needed in machine tools, which in turn has enabled the maker to accumulate years of experience to offer totally customized service. Therefore, the company is fully capable of delivering finished products according to shop drawings or semi-finished products with integrated service including material input, machining, final production and quality inspection, without compromising trade secrets to be an absolutely trustworthy partner.


Lathing, Milling, Vertical Grinding, Inside/Outside Dia. Grinding, Surface Grinding, Belt-driven Spindle, Lathe Spindle, Miller Spindle, Gear-driven Spindle, Drill/Tap Spindle Head, Precision Processing


Year Established: 1978
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer, Design and Research Services

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