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KAI SING CO., LTD. specializes in designing and manufacturing of cleanroom stainless equipment and cleanroom materials, etc.
The company adheres of being practical and realistic, and prioritizes customers in the first place.
KAI SING cares about every part both in the designing and manufacturing process, pursuing to offer customers high-quality products and comprehensive services.
In order to build a long-term relationship with customers, KAI SING has always held an enthusiastic and honest attitude.


Cleanroom Stainless Steel Nitrogen Cabinet/Cabinet Body for Cleanroom Use, Cleanroom stainless steel working table, Cleenroom Stainless Steel Reticle/Photomask Rack, Cleanroom stainless steel carts/trolleys, Cleanroom stainless steel racks/shelves, Cleanroom Anti-vibration Mute Trolley, Cleanroom custom-made products, Cleanroom TPR Conductive Wheel, Lathe/Mill processing product, Vacuum Pressure Gauge & Stand and Tube Material, Wafer Cassette Box, Teflon Cassette Handle, Plastic Products, Stainless Steel Shelves for Semiconductor Industry/Cleanroom Use, Varied Anti-Static Materials, Anti-Static Materials for Cleanroom Use, Conductive Polymer Products

Company: KAI SING CO., LTD.
Address: No. 29, Ln. 61, Sec. 6, Zhonghua Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-3-5385710
Fax: 886-3-5385720
URL: www.kai-sing.com

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