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DIGISINE ENERGYTECH CO., LTD. is one of the leaders in supplying innovative products globally. Located in the heart of Taiwan, we are connected to innovative ideas on a global scale and this enables us to improve working together with our local and international clients to bring an infinite number of business opportunities. DIGISINE is not only limited to, innovative thinking, but also expanded into designing, managing as well as producing all of our own products.

Even with competition growing on a global scale, DIGISINE is able to stay ahead of our competitors as well as the rest of the world. We achieve this by not only thinking outside of the box, but we tear the box up, with our unique visions of the future on top of our productive production abilities. In 2001 DIGISINE presented the first LCD monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse, on top of that we were awarded several Taiwan Invention and Creation Competition over the years since 2007 for our innovations in rechargeable hearing aids, automobile LED lights and training dog collars to name a few. All the while, all of our products are secured with patents worldwide. Due to these events we have been accounted as an innovative and creative manufacturer ever since. DIGISINE now extends its innovation in 6 different categories: Wind Turbine, Solar PV, Health Care, Home Protection, Auto Electronic and LED Light.

The founder and executive director of the DIGISINE along with his teams of engineers have more than 20 years of experience in research & development, management and in production and will continue to improve and make our innovative products in the years to follow. We believe in the future of innovation, therefore we have recruited engineers from all over the world, with their next generation ideas and our experienced staff members together we will take the concept of innovation to the next level. We have made major breakthroughs in IoT (Internet of Things) and will be incorporating it into our products to give users more control over the products and to work seamlessly with them on a daily bases. We at DIGISINE promise to continue making our products with quality components and semiconductors that are strictly made in Taiwan as well as bring you a fast and reliable service, to not only put a guarantee on our products but client satisfaction too.


Hearing Aid, Sterilization Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Anti-virus, UV Sanitizer, Ionizer Air Purifier, Wind Turbine, Spare Parts, Tower Kit, Hybrid Inverter, Power Station, LED Street Light, Solar MPPT, MFi Hearing Aid, Digital Hearing Aid, Bluetooth Hearing Aid, Desk Lamp, LED Light, Exterior LED Lights (DIY), Interior LED Lights (DIY), Car Accessories, Auto Electronic, Pet Product, Outdoor Pest Repeller, Indoor Pest Repeller, Home Protection, Dental Cleaner, Cloud Hearing Aid


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