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GC Lighting Co., Ltd., established in March 2010, is mainly engaged in Interior lighting design planning, building’s exterior wall lighting project, energy-saving lighting planning, night lighting project of the industrial or science park, road lighting design & planning, customized lighting design, etc.
We are a professional lighting planning company. Our R&D team has more than 10 years of experience in lighting design, combining lamp appearance design, waterproof structure design, strength structure design, electronic circuit design, modular heat sink design, and so on. By using professional software to simulate optical characteristics such as lighting effect, illumination calculation, uniformity of illuminance, glare index, we create a comfortable light environment in line with human factors & ergonomics and design customized lamps with exclusive appearance & special installation methods, also including the series of lamps related to the development of energy saving, environment-friendly, energy-saving, electrical safety concept.


illumination design, lighting set-up, Magic socket

Company: GC Lighting Co., Ltd.

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