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CHUNG KWANG ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE has over 43 years’ experience in the field of wire and cable production and development. Chung Kwang specializes in the development and manufacture of various types’ electric wire electric cord, control cable We are the most skillful cable manufacturers in central Taiwan.

In 1986, Chung Kwang coordinated with the rapidly developing personal computer industry in Taiwan. Chung Kwang designed, developed and produced various types of cables for this field that required UL, VDE, safety certifications so their customers’ products could pass foreign safety and quality approvals on not just computer but also numerous types of appliances distend for overseas markets. Certifications such
as UL SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3, SVT, SJT, SJTW, SJTOW, ST, STW, STO, STOW. European VDE , HO3VV-F, HO5VV-F, H03VVH2-F, H05VVH2-F and Japanese PSE power cord certifications. Chung Kwang quickly became one of the largest power cords production plants in Taiwan with safety approvals for the USA, European countries (VDE, KEMA, etc.), Australia, and Japan (VCT, VTCF) to name just a few.

In 2005, Chung Kwang invested heavily into to machinery upgrade, and research and development of new product lines. These new products included UL certified multi-conductor control cables such as UL2501, UL2464, and industrial grade UL2516 as well as UL certified appliance wiring approvals for UL1007 and UL1015.
In 2007, saw further investment into new green technology cables with the development of solar energy cable certified both European and USA markets. Chung Kwang now has full approval for TUV2pfg1169/08.07 specification for various gauge wires and UL 4703 approval for the USA Solar energy market. Later in 2011, Chung Kwang has also offered. It’s worldwide customer’s dual rated cable carrying both the TUV and USE-2.|

In 2013, Chung Kwang successfully completed NEC and UL 62 certification for Electric Vehicle Cables, including 300V/600V EVJT、EVT、EVJE、EVE . And the company also are accredited to UL2251 certification to follow for its newly designed SAE J1772 Connector coupler for local and international markets.

With Chung Kwang’s continued develop of new products and cable lines and a focus on Green energy they have also begun development of cables for use with wind and turbine applications following the WTTC and RHW-2 requirements. Also developed and approved during this period was UL1493 landscape lighting; and submersible wire and cable for motor coils and control applications; TC/TC-ER Oil and Water resistant power cable for heavy industry. Additionally, the new generation Low Smoke Halogen free power cable SVE、SJE、SPE-1、SPE-2 and High speed digital control cable with durable bending capability have also been introduced in the same time.

Overall Chung Kwang Electric Wire & Cable through continuous cable development and an emphasis on high quality and international approved cables aims to support both domestic and international customers meet their cabling needs and requirements.
By staying ahead of trends in cable dependent industries Chung Kwang shall continuously supply its customers with the newest approved cables required for their market and application to create the win-win future.



Charging Connectors for Electric Vehicles


Year Established: 1979
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: No. 33, Xuetian Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 414010, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-886-4-2337-5032
Fax: 886-4-886-4-2337-0223
URL: www.cens.com/ckw

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