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We’re committed to making cars intelligence, automation, connected, comfortable and safety.

With more than 50 years’ experience in professional car gauges, display and sensor technology development, product manufacturing and vertical integration customer service, N4AI Innovation Co., Ltd, launch a new brand – “N4AI EGNAS”, offers highly intelligent solutions for global automotive industry.

“N4AI EGNAS” development of various core technologies including smart display technology used in automotive gauges; and a variety of sensor products such as fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, speed sensor, electromagnetic valve, MAP sensor and AMP sensor. The broadest product portfolio applied to all kinds of gasoline engine or electric vehicles (heavy motorcycle, sedan, bus and truck, etc. ) as well as the electrical equipment.

“N4AI EGNASt” has customized Wiring Harness and sensor control solutions to the large transportation, including the power cable, transmission line and its control module. These technologies are wholly owned by N4AI Innovation. At the same time, we also have good partnership with global automobile manufacturers, and our products are in meets The Quality Standard including SAE, JIS, CNS, DIN, FCC and IEEE etc. and holds the accreditation of EMC/EMI, e24Mark, FMV and DOT. Apart from this, we obtained one after another quality system certifications, including QA70, BSI, ISO9000, ISO/TS16949:2000 and ISO/ TS16949:2009. The IATF16949 accreditation we got in 2019 recognizes the ability to design and build the manufacturing and inspection equipment of the production line according to individual customer requirement.

Over the past decades, the global automotive industry has experienced a development process from machinery to electrical, electronic, and then move to digitalization. Today, with the development of "Internet of Vehicle, IoV”, “N4AI EGNAS” has emerged for this purpose, actively developing key technologies related to "intelligence and automation" in order to solve the use problems that cannot be solved by traditional automotive, we are hoping to bring users a more convenient and environmentally life.


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Address: 11F.-1, No. 7, Sec. 3, Sinsheng N. Rd., Jhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104 , Taiwan
Telephone: 886-2-2586-8767
URL: ww.n4ai.com

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