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JUN-EN, one of the leading companies in Taiwan, has been in the metal mesh industry for
over twenty years. During these years, we have been servicing thousands and thousands
of satisfied clients, both international and domestic.
Our reputation in the industry is well rccognized. In recent years, our R & D team has
devoted their time and talent to designing and developing and developing of improve
productivity also in adding the market of mesh machinery to our regular business lines,
Because of its competitive price and high quality, our machines have been sold to many
parts of the world and well acclaimed.


Hy-rib Mesh Making Machine, Rib-lath Mesh Making Machine, Chain-linked Fen/CE Making Machine, Perforated Sheet Making Machine, Welded Mesh Making Machine, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Expanded Metal Making Machine, Concertin Rayor Tape Machines & Various kind of Metal Mesh, Recycling & Reproducing Equipment, Other Plastic Processing Machines, Polyurethane Foam Making Machines, Plastic Foam Making Machines, Automatic Cutting Machines, Mixers, Cutting Machines for Metalworking, Expanded Metal Meshes, General-use Expanded Metal Meshes, Angle Bead, Plastering Stop Bead and Hy-rib Meshes, Concertin Rayor Tape Machines & Variouski, Hexagonal Wire Netting M/C Concertina Barbed Tape Production Line, Expanded Metal M/C, Brickwork Reinforcing-Mesh M/C, Angle Bead and Plaster Stop Bead M/C, Perforated Metal Mesh-Making M/C, Chain Link Fence Making M/C, Barbed Wire Making M/C, Metal Mesh Machinery, Various Kinds of Metal Mesh Chain Link Fence, Concertina Barbed Tape & Conveyor Beltings, High Speed Expanded Metal Machine, Metal Meshes & Perforated Steel Sheets/Meshes, Plano-type Perforated Sheet Metal Machine, C-type Perforated Sheet Metal Machine, Twisted edge, Knuckle edge, Compact roll, Gabion Mesh, High-speed Barbed Wire Making Machine, Automatic Chain Link Fence Making Machine, Concertina Razor-barbed-wire Production Line, Heavy-duty Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine, Gabion Mesh-making Machine


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