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Industrial Corporation, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of power tools serving the global professional industry. All products conform to international standards such as UL, CSA, PSE, CE, GS and SAA and are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.
products are designed on CAD/CAM system to very high tolerances. Every manufactured part is inspected by the quality control department and all completed products are 100% tested under simulated field conditions.

Industrial Corporation prides itself on developing and manufacturing the most advanced products in the world. With its outstanding Research & Development and Quality Control teams, is clearly the technological leader in its industry. With its economical manufacturing experience and strong develo pment engineering, reduces the product cost and provides customers with more flexibility at lower products cost.
Industrial Corporation prides itself on its work with O.D.M. AND O.E.M. products. Techway's ability to adapt to changing markets and industry standards is the key factor which keeps Techway's customers returning year after year.


Electric Drills, Rechargeable Drills, Caulking Gun, Electric Screwdrivers, Rechargeable Electric Screwdrivers


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