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SGE company was founded in 1988 as a specialized solderless terminals, connectors and cable ties designer, manufacturer and exporter. SGE's terminals include non-insulated and insulated terminals with options PVC / NYLON/PC / HEAT SHRINKABLE MATERIAL,normal or easy entry, single or double crimp, loose piece, on strip or on tape. SGE's selling of terminals and cable ties are very successful in the world.The main market of SGE's terminals is the European and Asian market. SGE's product line is as following. All types of electric terminals Quick splice and Butt connectors/ terminals Push on male / Female, Bullet / Receptacle disconnectors/ terminals Cord end sleeves terminals (single and twin) Close end and wire nuts connectors/ terminals Heat shrinkable waterproof series terminals available DIN 46230, 46231, 46234, 46237, 46228 and 46245 standards terminals are available. Cable tie crimping Tool and assortment kits.


Non-insulated & Pre-insulated Terminals, Heat-shrinkable Terminals & Connectors, Butt Connectors, Quick Splices, Cord Ends, Cable Lugs, Cable Ties, Crimping Tools, Terminals, Insulated Terminals, Cord-Ends, Quick-Splice & Butt, Connectors, Push-On Disconnectors, Assortment Kits, Heat-Shrinkable Butt Connectors, Wirings, Disconnects, Butt, Cable Lugs/Cable Ties/Crimping Tools, Butt Connectors/Quick Splices/Cord Ends, Motors, Generators Parts & Accessories, Pre-insulated Terminals & Wiring Accessories, Cable Tie, Cord End


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