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Established in 1971, we excel in making grinding-related machinery and providing hardware-part surface treatment services. To better serve our customers in the manufacturing industries, we try our best to meet their every need regarding both grinding compounds and machinery. Now our efforts and devotion not only have earned us a solid reputation in the field, but have also helped our customers greatly in developing their profit margins. Customer satisfaction and support have encouraged us to expand our service range to include the aluminum, iron, food, and powder metallurgical industries. We wish to create mutually beneficial business opportunities and grow steadily together with our clients in the years ahead, and to become their best business partner.
Our machines are designed for grinding and polishing ceramic, jade, coral, synthetic resin, plastic, and china workpieces, as well as metal wire that's punched, die-cast, cast, or forged with stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, or magnesium alloy. We guarantee provision of the most economical and efficient ways for surface polishing, chamfering, deburring, descaling, rough grinding, lapping, and smoothing to meetthe most critical customer demands.


Finishing Machine: Vibratory Finishing Machine. Barrels Machine: 3-dimensional Vibratory Barrels Machine, Separator Filter Machine. Ball Grinding Machine: Industrial High Speed Dehydration Dryer Machine, Dryer Machine: Auto Discharge Type Dehydration Dryer Machine, High Efficiency Horizontal Vibratory Finishing Machine, Finishing Machine, Barrels Machine, Separator Filter Machine, Ball Grinding Machine, Dehydration Dryer Machine


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