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Established in 1985, Tai Min Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in making blades and parts for food-making machines as a veteran supplier in Taiwan's central city of Taichung.

Tai Min is backed by a line of specialized, advanced manufacturing equipment to turn out various blades, including standardized blades, high-carbon-steel blades, circular blades, food-processor knives, and customized blades.

As a professional manufacturer of various knives and blades, Tai Min’s production capacity includes professional multi-purpose knives, blades, stainless steel blades, paper cutters, industrial knives for food machines, blades for food machinery, food processing knives, planers, apple slicers, peelers, fruit diggers, utility knife, art carving knife, office stationery knife, restaurant kitchen knife, specialized blades, high carbon steel sheet, roll-type blade, specialized steel sheet, sewing blade and various specialized blades, from design drawing mold opening to finished product processing. The company welcomes cooperation and carrying out development partnerships.

The blades and parts are highly praised for durability and dimensional precision, widely recognized by foreign buyers. The company is driven by ample production capability, know-how, customer service, and production efficiency and is renowned as an outstanding OEM.

Tai Min’s products focus on servicing industries ranging from machinery, food processing, household, stationery, medical, transportation, and construction.

Quality, Innovation and Value Creative. OEM/ODM were welcome.

Please visit our website: www.cens.com/taimin or e-mail: potaimin@ms39.hinet.netYour kind attention would be highly appreciated.


Standard Blades, High-Carbon-Steel Blades, Wheel Blands, Special Blades, Excelling in Making, Food-Processor Knives, Knife, Knife Blade, Cutter Blade, Rotary Cutters, Cigar Knife, Fruit Knife, Peeler Cutter, Trimming Cutter, Scraper, Blades For Food-Processing Machines, Peelers, Slicers, Cube Cutters


Number of Total Employees: 15
Year Established: 1987
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Address: 79-15Mingshan St., Homing Village, Hsiushui Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 504
Telephone: 886-4-769-2313
Fax: 886-4-769-7547
URL: www.taimin-blade.com

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