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FUKUTA® was set up by Mr. Gorden Chang in 1988. The initial capital is USD 0.18 million. His business philosophy is “innovation”, “sincerity”, “credibility”. It leads the turnover to increase every year. Now, the capital is USD6.3 million and turnover is USD16.7 million. The employees are 210 now.There are two divisions for Fukuta ®. One is the motor manufacturing division and another is for green energy division.
The motor manufacturing division is set up in 1988 and the products includes “standard motor”, ”inverter motor”, “servo motor” and “spindle motor”. All the models are exported to all over the world for the variable customers to use.
The green energy division is set up in 2005. The products range includes wind turbine, electric vehicle, electric boat,and electric airplane. We cooperate with Tesla to develop the first electric Roadster in the world. Besides, we also develop 5KW wind turbine.
FUKUTA® would like to satisfy the customer’s requirement so we integrate the suppliers and invest “Fukuta Shanghai”, “ YTF Industry”, “ Roller”. To get the win-win, FUKUTA® gets an alliance to promote green energy.
FUKUTA® is the most flexible , multiple, professional and international team. We are not only have the powerful development capacity but also have the strong Integration. We believe FUKUTA® is the best choice for you.


Fukuta AC Induction Servo Motor Series, Fukuta Induction Motor With Aluminum Frame, Inverter Duty Motor, VFEF/VFVF Series, Roladrive Speed Reducers, Motor for Inverter Use DFEF/DFVF Series, Fukuta Induct


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