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TWIN SCREW is founded in 1988, the first company engaged in the manufacture of PVC parallel counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruder in Taiwan.
  The past decade has seen this company install more than 600 Twin Screw Extruders for complete production lines including PVC pipe production,various types of Profile, Decorative Profile, Pelletizer, Granulating units and for Recycling. Excellent production quality control, perfect after-sales service etc, experience is the hallmark of TWISIC.

Otherwise, the engineering personnel are well educated in development and production. Up-to-date special CNC Milling & Drilling machine from German waldrich Coburg and equipped with Thy-ssen Henschel high torque Gear Box unit is attributable to is long-standing guarantee of reliability and performance.

  The test plant of production division to produce PVC compounding granules and rigid building & foamed decorative profiles, is to assure of its technological know-how and problem-solving capabilities in the construction of lines for profiles and complete systems for the production of various of profiles, such as window profiles, door Panel, wall panel, hollow corrugated roofing sheet, rain gutter EtcK .

New extruder generation and new range of downstream equipment for profile extrusion is adequate to appropriate formulations with reliable die system and calibration cooling sections. Through actual production runs a commercial offering to the marketplace with hardware reliability and integrated software performance allow all the demands made on the products.


Specialized in PVC Twin Screw Extruder, Bimetal Barrel & Screw Brand New & Econdition, Various Die Ilead for PVC Profile & Pipe, Productions of Various PVC Profile, Industrial Machinery, Plastics Extruders, Industrial Machine Parts & Accessories, Single Hole Barrel, Twin Hole Barrel, Twin Screw PVC Rigid Pipe Making Machine, Twin Screw Parallel Counter-rotating Extruder, Complete Production Line for Profile Extrusion, Complete Production Line for Large Volume Profile Extrusion, Twin Screw PVC Pelletizing Machine


Export Market: Global, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Business Type: Manufacturer, Design and Research Services, Exporter, Trading Company

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