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Company Introduction
Jern Yao Enterprises was formed in 1993. Our products include Bolt Formers, Nut Formers and Parts Formers. Jern Yao is one of the largest forming machine builders in the world building over 180 machines a year, sold over 4,500 machines thus far. Jern Yao has an outstanding reputation in their field providing a high level of technology, quality, service and value. Our president, Ted Tsai and General Manager, Paul Lin have collective experience of over 60 years of machine design and building. Ted and Paul play a very active role in insuring the satisfaction of our customers. Jern Yao utilizes over 330 employees to offer our customers over 250 different varieties of forging machines. In order to provide better service, Jern Yao had China Shanghai plant opened in 2002.

R&D / Quality Guaranty
The core group of people that started Jern Yao all brought prior experience with them to the company. The combination of experienced people coupled with the latest in technology software like Deform 2D & 3D program as well as AutoCAD Inventor program allow Jern Yao to offer product development, total design and tool analysis with the highest level of confidence. Many customers have benefited from working with this specialized group of our company. Our use of technology is used in the development of our never-ending commitment to build stronger, faster, more durable machines. Jern Yao has been an ISO9002 registered company since 1999 and became a ISO9001:2000 registered company in 2002. Jern Yao has knowledgeable, experienced agents in all major territories. These agents insure the highest quality service and support to all JY customers.

Marketing & Service
Jern Yao controls all aspects of our product integrity including machine design, machine building, quality control, research & development, sales and administration. Jern Yao’s policy is to have sound business fundamentals and efficient process controls. Jern Yao is currently approaching 2000 machines in existence in over 35 different countries. When you are in the market for a bolt former, nut former or parts former your best solution awaits for you at Jern Yao Enterprises.

Year of establishment :1993
Chairman :Mr. Ted Tsai
General Manager :Mr. Paul Lin
Capital :USD 9.5 million
Facility size :17,500m^2
Employees :250

Year of establishment :2001
Chairman :Mr. Ted Tsai
General Manager :Mr. Paul Lin
Capital :USD 6 million
Employees :80

Jern Yao Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a well-organized and experienced company specializing in Forming Machine for many years, offering Bolt Formers, Nut Formers and Parts Formers with high quality. In addition to above mentioned products, we also provide Bolt Parts Former, Nut Parts Former, Special Parts Former, Long Stroke Nut Former and Bolt Cold Former. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality, competitive price, and superior services. If you are looking for reliable Bolt Forming Machine and Nut Forming Machine manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

Main Product:
Bolt Formers in 2 die, 2 blows, up to 5 station machines in sizes ranging from M3 to M24.
Nut Formers JNF, JNFR, JNFP series up to 5 and 6 station machines in sizes ranging from M3 to M33.
Parts Formers JBP, JNP, JPF series, up to 5/6/7 stations and make products ranging from M5 to M33.
Jern Yao has been working on developing new mechanism all the time, and we recently have developed many new mechanism, such as:
Die & Punch QTC system: This system helps operators change over outside of machine.
All Digital Motorized Control: This including K.O adjustment, Stopper adjustment, feed length adjustment.
7th transfer: This is to clamp the final product to the conveyor for the soft landing.
K.O. forced homing system: This reduces the noisy during the forging.
SWAT system: This is a support function for the short product.
New feeding mechanism: It helps reach exact feed length.


Bolt, Screw & Nut Making M/C, Nut Formers, Blind Rivet Assembly M/C, Secondary Processing Machines for Special Nuts, Automatic Thread Rolling M/C, Bolt Threading M/C, Bolt Slotting M/C, Heading Machines of Bolts and Screws, Nufformer, Screw & Nut Manufacturing Plants

Address: No. 109, Shengli Rd., Jente Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan 717
Telephone: 886-6-270-0066
Fax: 886-6-270-0055
URL: www.jernyao.com

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