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Since 1979, Specializing in Designing & Making & Exporting
Auto. Cup Printing Machine & Auto. Cup Making Machine & Auto. Cup Lid Making Machine
of High Speed / High Quality / High Functions.

Main Products as Below:
1. Auto. Cup Printing Machine.
2. Auto. Cup & Cup Lid Thermoforming Machines.
3. Auto. Cup & Cup Lid Making Plant ( Full Plant ).
4. Auto. Tray Thermoforming Machine.
5. Auto. Container Thermoforming Machine.
6. High Precise Plastic Thermoforming Molds
7. Auto. Plastic Forming Machines
8. Auto. Plastic Vacuum Forming Machines
9. Other Relative Machines.


Auto. Cup Printing Machine, Auto. Bowl Printing Machine: 1. for Printing Instant Noodle Bowls & Cups, 2. for Printing Yogurt Cups & Ice Cream Cups & Pudding Cups, 3. for Printing Instant Noodle Bowls & Cups, 4. for printing Drinking Cups and & Mineral Water Cups, 5. for Printing Other Plastic Cups. Auto. Tube/Pail Printing Machine: for Printing Tubes & Pails & Conical Containers & Cylindrical Tubes. Auto. Cup Making Machine, Auto. Pressure Thermoforming Machine, Auto. Cup Pressure Thermoforming Machine, Auto. Tray/Container Pressure Thermoforming Machine. Applications: 1. for Making High Quality Cups/Trays/Boxes/Containers, 2. for Making High Quality Cup Lids/Container Covers, 3. for Making High Quality Package Trays of Electrical & Electronic Parts, for Printing Yogurt Cup and Pudding Cup, for Printing Instand Noodle Bowl and Cup, for Printing Drinking Cup and Ice Cream Cup, for Printing Other Plastic Cup, Printing of Instant Noodle Bowls & Cups, Printing of Drinking Cups & Mineral Water Cups, Printing of Comcal Containers & Cylindrical Tubes


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