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Quarton Inc, established in 1989, is a premier producer of high quality laser diodes and specialized laser application products. During the past 15 years, Quarton has proven itself to be an innovative and leading provider of laser solutions.
Quarton Inc. designs, develops and markets products to meet the laser needs of a broad customer base. To meet the evolving needs of an ever-increasing market, Quarton Inc., is constantly using the most sophisticated research and development technology to develop new products, improve production methods and control costs.
From pointers and professional leveling tools, to advanced sighting systems, Quarton Inc. offers laser diode modules and products made with the best materials and consistent quality control. Not only is Quarton Inc. a major OEM/ODM partner for large wholesalers throughout the world, it is also firmly establishing consumer awareness and brand loyalty for three labels: QUARTON, INFINITER™, and BEAMSHOT™.


Laser Pointers, Laser Tools, Lasershow, Builder's Kit, Laser Plumb Bob, Laser Edge, Builder's Mate, Rotary Base, Laser Angle, Genius Level, Laser Pointer With Remote Page control, Laser Pen


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