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Introduction of One Lus Company

.......Since 1989, One Lus has been a Taiwan professional manufacturer leader of Gear Shift Lock......
Since than we have grown into the largest professional manufacturer and supply Gear Shift Lock in
local & worldwide. Now, we are getting stronger & stronger. Our patented rights are over than 20 kinds,
around the world and our Gear Shift Lock provide highest level to prevention of burglary.

One Lus's goal has always been to offer highest quality, equitable prices & excellent service to all of
our customers. Our customers have been instrumental in our continuous growth through their knowledge
responsibility and professionalism. We take this superiority to give our customers complete satisfaction,
thus ensuring not a "one time" business relationship, but a cooperative.

We stand proud of our products and continue to developing different kind of car security products, door lock and lock cylinder.
Unquestionable, "Quality" is always what we seeking for. One Lus are on the road to 21th century.
Choose One Lus, you choose Security.

If you are interested in the highest security goods Contact us now !
O.E.M. & O.D.M. orders are welcome.


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