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Baohui Screw Power Bit Inc. was founded in 1989 and specializes in manufacturing professional tools used in the fields of machinery, electrical machinery and electronics equipment, automobiles and bicycles. Its major products are magnetic & high-torque ratchet screwdrivers, high-torque power bits, magnetic bit holders and nut setters, CR-V and S2 “L” key wrenches, concrete tools and pneumatic couplers, and various other high-quality tools.

Baohui’s specialized tools carry the CORKING brand name and are marketed in more than 20 countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. Baohui also provides OEM service for a number of famous international companies.
The company’ s Phillips No. 2/No. 3 single- and double-end power bits are 1.5 times the durable degree (abrasive resistance) of S2-level products. They are a good choice for assembly with stainless steel screws, drywall screws and self-drilling screws. Their durable degree not only can raise working efficiency but also reduce costs.

Baohui has developed a new product, shock buffer-type/high-staying-power bits, and has received a patent. The durable degree of the new Phillips No. 2/No. 3 power bits is 1.8 times the durable degree of S2-level products. Waste is even lower whether they are used in mechanical and electrical assembly or in maintenance, and they are also one of the best tools for environmental protection.


Patent Torsion Bits, A-2 Durable Power Bits, Magnetic Nut Setter, Easy Drill Chuck, 9pcs Key Wrench Set, Magnetic Levitation Bit Holder, L Key Wrench, Flexible Extension Bit Holder, Nut Setter Set, Power Bit Set


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