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With 28 years of experience in tube processing as well as in manufacturing and exporting tube-processing machinery, we follow the business concepts of "Technology and Quality First and Always Provide the Best Possible Services" to remain competitive and grow steadily in the field. Now we serve up to 1,000 worldwide clients. Our tube machinery is designed to process tubes that are used widely in aircraft, transportation equipment (including tankers), buildings (including exterior wall cladding and escalators), tunnel engineering, furniture, refrigerating and air-conditioning products, sports equipment, entertainment facilities, power plants, petroleum-related equipment, water piping, sewage treatment facilities, landscaping, bridges, and autos, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as in the chemical engineering, iron processing, and fertilizer-making industries.


Tube Machinery, Bending Machinery, Metalworking Machinery, Alumunum Tube/Pipe Bending Machine, JF-IW50DL NC Dual-cylinder Linear Puncturing Machine, Puncturing Presses, JF-CF120 NC Circular Hydraulic Puncturing Machine, JF-IW50L NC Puncturing & Cutting Machine for Grooved Iron Bars, Angle Iron, and Flat Iron Plates, JF-IW50/JF-IW100 NC Dual-cylinder Linear Puncturing Machine (Punching Machines), JF-450/JF-450I NC Automatic High-speed Hydraulic Pipe Bender, JF-650L NC Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bender, JF-775 NC Heavy Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bender, JF-030/JF-030L Automatic High Speed Hydraulic Circle Roller, JF-303LTA Heavy-duty Hydraulic Circle Rolling Machine, JF-220/JF-220L Automatic High Speed Hydraulic Double-bending Pipe Bender, JF-230 Automatic High Speed Hydraulic Single Bending/ U-shape Pipe Bender, JF-FL22 NC Flange Forming Machine, JF-330 NC Backpressure Single Bender, NC Heavy-duty Backpressure Single Ben, JF-036/JF-036L Hydraulic Auto Double-tube Shrinker, JF-22 High Speed Hydraulic Dual Bender, JF-330X Super Heavy-duty Hydraulic Circle-rolling Machine, JF-250 High-speed Hydraulic Linear Pipe-cutting Machine, JF-W10 NC Auto Spiral Bending Machine, JF-W20 Auto Hydraulic Iron-bar-molding Machine, JF-W30 Auto Surface-stamping Forging Machine, JF-W40 NC Auto Tail-stamping Forging Machine, JF-W50 NC Auto Basket-twisting Molding Machine, JF-250/A10H Super Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Roller Forming Machine


Year Established: 1981
Production Mode: ODM
Export Percentage: 80%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: JF
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: 專門製造一體成型,省時省力的機台設備。
Contact Person: Christine

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