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CIMA is a professional company supplying buttons and accessories to the clothing industry.

At CIMA it is our aim to make enormous efforts to satisfy our much valued customers, an approach that has allowed us to be one of the most outstanding and best qualified clothing accessories suppliers in Taiwan.


Besides supplying merchandise our service extends to helping customers search for new product ideas in the market, thus saving time and energy, and includes providing full sets of any necessary documentation per customer request.


We believe that fast, proper and effective planning/decision making with a good connection to our customers are the key factors that aid us in keeping up with today's rapid changes.


CIMA is always striving for excellence and continues to consolidate its position as an apparel accessories supplier with a solid commitment to our work; in which, we aim to inspire, be creative and give value for money.


A) Buttons & Accessories Division

Our wide variety of product

lines include ABS plated buttons,

Acrylic buttons, Brass buttons, Die

Castbuttons, ImitationStonebuttons,

Nylon buttons, Polyester uttonsand

Wood buttons; beads for Y2K

( 2000 ) and other decorative uses,

buckles etc. We also supply

combination buttons in different

materials. OEM orders and uniform

button orders are always welcome


Neck Protector, Neck Pillow, Buttons, Zippers, Buckles, Garment Accessories, Tool Holders, Tool Bags


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