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We are a professional lawn & garden sprinklers manufacturer. Our product range includes hose nozzle, impulse sprinkler,connectors and more which have been marketed in Europe, North America and others. With an outstanding R&D team and complete production equipment, we can handle from design and mold development to manufacture through an integrated operation.


Lawn & Garden Products, Hose Nozzles, Hose Connectors, Hose Hangers, Stationary Sprinklers, Hose Repair Kits, Flower-Shaped Hose Guide, Rain Gauge With Holder, Sprays, Plastic Rooster Wind Vanes, Vinyl Hose Washers, Spring Hose Set, Changeable Multi-Function Water Sprayer, Brass Hose Nozzles, Brass Connectors, Fabric Hose, Double-Ended Connector, Universal Tap Adaptor, 15M Coil Tube with Hose, 6-8 Pattern Plastic Head

Company: E-GREEN CORP.

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